Mutual Aid.

Khartoum State ERR is on the forefront of localized solidarity economy forming the base for a decolonized humanitarian aid.

Our Communal Kitchen Culture

We cook, support, play, create and grow together despite the war!

We document our experiences of mutual aid that started at day 1 of the war.

Food Security & Distribution Plan

The aim is to run soup kitchens build on the existing local markets by supporting and maintaining the supply chains for transporting people and goods across the country.

Women Response Room (WRR) Plan

We come together to love, support, improve and enrich our lives and that of our families. We stress women participation, mutual aid, communal trauma healing, self expression and education.

ERR Support Office Charter

Responsible for building partnerships and mobilizing support for the Emergency Response Rooms (ERRs) of the seven districts within Khartoum State.

Khartoum State ERR