Ombada Emergency Response Room

In these difficult times in the history of Sudan and in view of the situation of the district in particular and all the obstacles and challenges that stand against the citizen in the geographical scope of the locality of Ombada, our determination is that we are active young men and women, medical cadres, engineers, media professionals and all professional and technical groups of society to establish a local emergency room in Ombada as a body coordinating to provide humanitarian aid and provide basic services to the citizen within the district of Ombada.
The district of Ombada consists of 21 administrative units. Ombada ERR works through three central regional rooms (Alamiri, Albuga and Alsalam) these have 13 ERRs and coordinate through the following offices: health, services, food, census and assisting with logistical needs at Alrajihi and Ombada Hospitals.
The Most important aspects that the ERR works on:
1- Services (water, electricity, communications and public transportation)
2- Supply (food security, markets, bakeries)
3- Medical (health care services, women’s health, child protection)
4- Protection (safe paths, shelter centers, frequency of conflict)

Ombada ERR works in 3 sectors: Al-Amir (4 rooms), Al-Baqa’a (10 rooms), Al-Salam (2 rooms) overall 16 base rooms and 2 functioning hospitals Ombada Hospital and Rajhi hospital.