Al Shajara is Under Siege by RSF


I. Overview

The situation in Al Shajara Neighborhood that is Under Siege by Rapid Support Forces Militia sence July 2023, this has resulted in a loss of life, injuries, detentions, and extensive property destruction, causing severe humanitarian suffering in the region.

Civilian Casualties with Total Deaths since the commencement of the siege by Rapid Support Forces 42, Total Injuries 68 and more than 23 Civilians Detained, 54 Houses Destroyed

II. Food and Trade Shortages

  • Severe shortage of food and essential goods.
  • Closure of commercial stores and markets.
  • Disruption of trade routes between different markets, exacerbating the crisis.
  • Traders were subjected to violations, including physical violence and theft, preventing the resupply of essential goods.

III. Water, Electricity, and Connectivity

  • Prolonged interruption of water and electricity supply for the fifth consecutive month.
  • Frequent disruption of internet connectivity and communications.
  • Limited access to medical supplies, life-saving medications, and first aid.
  • Difficulty in storing medical supplies due to power outages.
  • Only one healthcare center, the “Ortishi Center Emergency Room” serves the entire region.

IV. Fuel and Cooking Gas Shortages

  • Acute shortage of cooking gas.
  • Absence of fuel for bakeries, leading to a complete lack of bread production.

V. Continuous Shelling

  • indiscriminate and continuous shelling of civilian homes.
  • Resulting in numerous injuries and casualties.
  • Militia targeting mosques, water stations, and residential areas.
  • The exact number of casualties is being documented.

VI. Population Displacement

  • Forced displacement of residents from neighboring areas.
  • Lack of proper accommodation and healthcare facilities.
  • Ongoing shelling and isolation of the region, making residents’ lives extremely precarious.

VII. Urgent Appeal

  • Urgent appeal for protection, assistance, and the evacuation of civilians.
  • Request for international organizations and authorities to address humanitarian concerns.
  • Emphasis on protecting the rights and lives of the residents and ensuring the safe evacuation of those in need.