Khartoum ERR Report (October – November 2023)

Supporting Jreif West ERR, Jabra ERR, Buri ERR, Tutti ERR, Arkaweet ERR, Al-Taif ERR, Al-Mamoura ERR, Al-Diyum ERR, and Al-Azuzab ERR

Executive Summary

The focus is to help the community by trying to cover the basic needs of the citizens affected by the ongoing war, by providing food , medicine supply , evacuation and powering the electricity , water services.

The report, dated 27/11/2023, details the humanitarian aid activities conducted by the Emergency Room Support Office in the Khartoum State. The focus of the report is to assist room members in reflecting on their experiences, planning, and executing activities to enhance future efforts. The room, named “Eastern Diyum Emergency Room,” initiated a project to provide food relief for families in the Diyum area. 


This comprehensive report outlines the humanitarian activities undertaken in Khartoum locality, the locality comprising 15 administrative units facilitated by the Khartoum State Emergency Response Room (ERR) and executed by Khartoum ERR. Commencing on October 15, 2023, with an initial fund of $30,000, this initiative involved the collaborative efforts of 10 ERRs, namely Jreif West ERR, Jabra ERR, Buri ERR, Tutti ERR, Arkaweet ERR, Al-Taif ERR, Al-Mamoura ERR, Al-Diyum ERR, and Al-Azuzab ERR, and Soba ERR organized based on administrative units. These ERRs coordinated through offices dedicated to health, services, food, women’s response room, census, and media. However, due to escalating security challenges, some ERRs ceased operations, while others are currently undergoing reorganization. Notably remained operational during the reported period: Arkaweet & Almaoura, AlTaif, Al Shagara, Jabra, and West Jiraif. The continued dedication of these ERRs underscores their resilience in delivering aid amid evolving circumstances.

Response Overview

The aid helped improve the life quality of the citizens of the khartoum locality but still due to the inconsistency of the aid and the hardships that follows the ERR members from security to lack of supply and fuel which all lead to the delay of the help for the people in need.

Impact and Results

  • positive changes resulting from the aid activities, such as aiding families in avoiding market trips and potential risks. Approximately 800 families benefited from the relief
  • Because of the aid we were able to bring back the electricity in tuttiā€™s health care center that was out of power for more than three months and mentioning that tutti is an island in Sudan where the White Nile and Blue Nile merge to form the main Nile.

Challenges and Constraints

  • particularly theft of provisions, leading to changes in storage and packaging locations. Regular inventory checks and timely actions were implemented to address this issue.

Lesson Learned

  • Based on the experiences: future plans include providing varied-sized food packages according to family size, attempting to procure medical supplies, and addressing water issues through solar-powered solutions for the three wells in the area.
  • Refinement of Strategies: To build on positive impacts and mitigate negative outcomes, the room plans to periodically assess the needs of families due to their return.
  • Energy Solutions: Efforts will be directed towards providing energy for water solutions and operating a medical laboratory.
  • Volunteer and Staff Safety: Protecting volunteers and staff is a priority, and the report recommends enhancing protection measures and documentation of activities through various media to be shared with the community.

Future Plans

  • Based on the experiences, future plans include providing varied-sized food packages according to family size, attempting to procure medical supplies, and addressing water issues through solar-powered solutions for the three wells in the area.
  • Continuous improvement and meticulous monitoring of each activity based on lessons learned.

Key Activities

  1. Jabra ERR

1. Neighborhood Health Center (Ongoing): Jabra ERR continues to operate the Neighborhood Health Center, ensuring ongoing health services for the community.

2. Moving First Aid Services (Ongoing): Jabra ERR is committed to delivering mobile first aid services, offering immediate assistance to citizens in the neighborhood.

3. Community Kitchens Support (4/11/2023 – 10/11/2023): During the specified period, community kitchens successfully provided meals for 1500 individuals in Block 1 and Block 18.

4. Support for Families with Food Baskets: Jabra ERR distributed food baskets to 200 families across six different blocks. Each basket included essential items such as flour, cooking oil, rice, and tomato paste.

5. Powering Generators for Water Supply (Ongoing): Jabra ERR continues to support the uninterrupted operation of generators, ensuring a stable water supply for the community.

  1. Arkaweet ERR 

Providing Food Baskets: Arkaweet  ERR recently distributed food baskets to 182 families. Each basket was thoughtfully curated to include essential items such as flour, lentils, rice, onions, cooking oil, sugar, and tomato paste.

Support for Omer ibn al Khattab Health Care Center: Our organization has extended support to the Omer ibn al Khattab Health Care Center by providing essential Operation requirements for the center to be able to function.

Backing Field Medical Units: Arkaweet ERR is actively supporting field medical units, ensuring they have the necessary resources to carry out their critical work.

  1. Jreif West ERR 

Support for Community Kitchens (Dates: Ongoing): Jreif West ERR has extended its support to kitchens in the second, third, fourth, and sixth districts.

Meal Provision: These kitchens are diligently providing daily breakfast and dinner to residents.

Impactful Outreach: In the first week of November, these kitchens collectively served an impressive 800 families which is daily Reach: This translates to a substantial daily service, meeting the nutritional needs of 5,000-6,000 individuals in the community.

This update encapsulates the ongoing efforts of Jreif West ERR to positively impact the lives of residents by ensuring access to essential meals.

  1. Al Taif ERR 

Providing Food Baskets for 178 Families: Al Taif ERR has successfully distributed nourishing food baskets to 178 families, impacting approximately 1,000 individuals.

Contents of the Baskets: Each thoughtfully curated basket included essential items: flour, beans, navy beans, sugar, cooking oil, milk powder, and dry pasta.

  1. AL-Mamoura ERR

Ongoing Food Basket Initiative: Al-Mamoura ERR has been actively engaged in providing food baskets for 86 families up to the date of this report, and the aid is set to continue.

Contents of the Baskets: Each meticulously crafted basket is designed to meet nutritional needs and contains essential items such as flour, rice, cooking oil, lentils, sugar, tea, beans, navy beans, and dry pasta.

Extended Reach: The aid has directly impacted the lives of 86 families, contributing to the well-being of numerous individuals within the community, Al-Mamoura ERR remains committed to sustaining this initiative, ensuring ongoing assistance to those in need.

  1. Buri ERR 

Support for Community Kitchens: Burri ERR has provided support to a total of four community kitchens, collectively catering to the needs of 1750 individuals within the community. 

Individualized Assistance with Food Baskets: In addition to supporting community kitchens, Burri ERR has extended assistance to four families unable to access these kitchens and 20 individuals in Burri neighborhood .

  1. Al-Diyum ERR 

Food Basket Distribution in 24 Blocks: Al-Diyum ERR has orchestrated a significant effort in providing food baskets to 24 blocks, catering to a total of 1150 families, The distribution was organized into two batches. The first batch served 800 families, and the second batch extended assistance to 350 families.

Contents of the Baskets: The carefully curated food baskets contained essential items such as flour, cooking oil, and tomato paste, ensuring a well-rounded provision of necessary sustenance.

Evacuation Support for Families: Al-Diyum ERR has facilitated the evacuation of families from Khartoum to Wad Madani, particularly those seeking essential healthcare services.

  1. Al-Azuzab ERR

Support for Community Kitchens: Al-Diyum ERR has extended support to community kitchens, benefiting a total of 250 individuals in the neighborhood.

Food Baskets for Families: In addition to kitchen support, Al-Diyum ERR has provided food baskets to families, offering sustenance to those in need.

Impactful Assistance: These combined efforts have positively impacted 250 individuals, emphasizing our dedication to addressing the immediate needs of the community.

Fuel Supply for Water Services: Al-Diyum ERR has proactively secured fuel to ensure the continuous operation of water services in the neighborhood.

Detailed Impact: The support for community kitchens and provision of food baskets has not only contributed to the well-being of families but has also created a ripple effect, positively influencing the broader community.

  1. Tutti ERR

Support for community kitchens supported a number of 11 kitchens that provide two meals a day, the aid contained (rice , oil , lentil ,beans and tomato paste ) 

powering the generators for the neighborhood health care center